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Why Go for Permanent Residency in Malta?

When you are considering applying for a residency in another country, you will have a lot of options at your disposal. Malta is one of these options, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which is known for its architecture, scenery and history. It is considered an excellent holiday destination, so why should you consider moving there? Listed below are some good reasons:

  • Access to countries in the Schengen zone

As Malta is a member of the European Union, obtaining Maltese residency would automatically make you eligible for travel to all nations that fall within the Schengen zone. This means that you can get a work permit anywhere and even your family will be able to travel the same way. There are numerous advantages with this kind of access because you can use world-class health services, enroll in ranked universities and benefit from the attractive business environment.

  • Stability and security

Malta is recognized as one of the safest country in the world and also has a stable economy. Moreover, you will find that its Global Residence Programme is also a reasonable one and doesn’t have a lot of complicated conditions and requirements that might complicate the process of getting a residency. If you are looking to get permanent residency in Europe, Malta has one of the simplest and quickest process.

  • Taxation benefits

A lot of people also seek Maltese residency to take advantage of the tax benefits they can enjoy. After all, its effective corporate and income tax rate is considered one of the lowest throughout Europe. This is a big reason why Malta is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and investors nowadays.

Apart from these reasons, the English-speaking environment, low cost of living and the strategic location of Malta that has made travel easy are also great reasons for getting a Maltese residency.

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