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The dos and don’ts of winning child custody 

Ending a long marriage is a big decision. If you file for divorce, this is more than a change in your current marital status. Expectedly, things between you and your spouse may not be great, but it’s time to discuss important aspects. Four key discussions in a divorce often are – child custody, child support, alimony, and distribution of assets. Of all, child custody is often the most emotionally-charged one, and it is important to think of the child’s wellbeing over everything else. In North Carolina, you can seek physical custody, legal custody, or both. Below are a few dos and don’ts of winning child custody. 

The dos

  1. Hire a good lawyer. Find a Charlotte family law attorney that you can trust. Your attorney is key to resolving many critical aspects of the divorce with your spouse. Also, a skilled lawyer will advise on your rights and the best options for your case, keeping circumstances in mind. 
  2. Open up to communication. You cannot expect to negotiate and win child custody without talking to your spouse. Remember that as parents, you have to put the best interests of the child ahead of other things. Communication is key in such environments, even when you are allowing your lawyer to do the talking.
  3. Learn about North Carolina laws related to child custody. Courts in North Carolina usually recommend co-parents to come up with their own custody and parenting agreement. In few very cases, the courts pass an order on custody in NC. You need to know how to work on your case as per NC laws.

The don’ts. 

  1. Post anything on social media. In your best interests, do not put anything on social media about custody battle and divorce. These are things that must be kept private, under an agreement is signed. 
  2. Badmouth your spouse. You may hate your spouse, but negative talking -especially in front of kids – is never recommended. Kids often may ask questions that are hard to answer, but try to protect their childhood and innocence. 
  3. Try alcohol or drugs. If you are keen on winning a custody battle, stay away from alcohol and drugs. If you are found doing anything that may threat the security and safety of the child, you will lose the custody – period. 

Talk to your attorney in depth and share what you want from child custody discussions. They will work on the case accordingly. 

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