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Bath and Body Works Room Mists

Bath and Body Works has an assortment of mists for your night’s sound sleep! Made from various essential oils, mixture of various oils that are not harmful but very soothing on the mind and body are carefully chosen and blended. Visit Coupon Emirates and use Bath and Body Works Coupon code to get as much price off the displayed tag!

Hot Springs Spa Essential Oil Mist

The Hot Springs mist is a blend of eucalyptus oil with lemon and cedarwood oils. The mist is a spray to be spread across your pillow or bed linen to give you calm, soothing and refreshing sleep for the night! Eucalyptus oil is used to treat nasal congestion including asthma and as an expectorant. It is also a very good tick repellant. Lemon oil is very good at easing morning sickness while also relieving cold symptoms. It also helps in reducing anxiety and depression. Cedarwood oil is a very good insecticidal and antifungal.

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Sunrise Yoga Essential Oil Mist

A concoction of mandarin oil with spearmint and juniper berry oils, the sunrise yoga mist is Mandarin is light and citrusy scented with antiseptic qualities. Spearmint oil helps relieve irritation in the lungs apart form expelling mucus. It is also a goo mood enhancer while helps in concentrating with soothing mental stress. Juniper berry oil is a very good detoxifying agent and helps purify the air. With such a mixture of three wonderful natural oils, you get to wake up to your rituals of morning yoga, hale and healthy!

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Chamomile Bergamot Pillow And Body Mist

Chamomile oil is good for relieving stress and has very good sleep enhancing properties. Bergamot oil is similar to lemon oil or orange oil and is a very good antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-depressant, analgesic and sedative! With so many good properties, this mixture of chamomile and bergamot is going to give you and your family a very sound sleep. Don’t use the mist directly on your skin or onto your face. Spread it across by spraying on the pillow and bed linen. Bath and Body Works Coupon assists you in buying such aromatic mists for your daily use to get to wonderful sleep and get up in the morning for a wonderful day!

Rose Lavender Pillow And Body Mist

Apart from being a good aphrodisiac, the rose oil is good to reduce stress and anxiety, along with helping in reducing pain and depression too. It also protects from harmful fungi and bacteria! Hence a good spray for your pillow that absorbs all your sweat and body oils and produces bacteria and fungi! Who does not like lavender’s beautiful smell? None! Everybody likes lavender for its scent. Lavender oil is also a good stress buster and reduces anxiousness thus help you settle down calm and cool.

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