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Queen’s Gambit: What This Season Adds In 2021 Fashion Weeks?

Most people believe that “Chess” is a trend that Queen’s Gambit started. Well, this famous TV show has several other trends for everyone. In 2020, this TV series got attention and made people play chess at home and with friends. Netflix knows how to start a new trend whether it belongs to games, lifestyles or apparels. Coupon.com.kw provides assistance to followers who love to copy top celebrities in real life. From the Queen’s Gambit, Beth Harmon (Ana Taylor-Joy) appeared as a chess player. Her fashions, styles, apparels, accessories and scenes are guidance for those who really want to follow the glamour. 

Why Beth Harmon’s Styles Are Popular?

First of all, you must remember that most fashion trends emerge from the TV series and movies. Beth Harmon’s case is special in this regard due to following reasons. 

Neutral colors – In most of her scenes, she used various shades of brown, black and white. Most colors have inspirations from the 1960’s fashions. This makes the show more interesting for viewers. 

Checkered Print – We watched the complete show and checkered prints were dominant everywhere. From the Chess table to kitchen, there was no shortage of this print. 

Collars – From Peter Pan to Pussy Bows collars, there is a great work done by the designers. Beth wears all these types of collars around her beautiful neck. 

Simplicity – Due to requirement of show, Beth wears simple but sharp outfits. She always wears smart outfits during a game. Buy cohesive outfits with H&M Kuwait promo code to copy Beth Harmon. 

Hair and Makeup:

Would you like ideas to copy the hair and makeup styles of Beth? This would be easy because she uses simple hairstyles mostly on one side. Her hairs are shiny, voluminous and bold. She loves to define her lips sharply. She uses the same strategy for eyebrows and lashes. The use of eyeliner and red blush is common in most of the scenes. 

Complete White Ensemble:

Now we are starting discussion on her outfits and styles. Her “All White” appearance made the audiences amazed. This is complete perfection. Her final scene dress in white has straight pants, long coat, gloves, beret and go-go-ish boots. This appearance is perfect for fall and winter fashion. 

Pussy Bow and A-Line Tie:

This is from Beth’s rarely used styles in the show. This A-line skirt with special Pussy bow tie looks so amazing. Prada has the similar vibes for buyers at H&M store. Beth also introduced loafers and silk scarves with 1960’s inspirations. Don’t ignore her oversized cardigans. 

Chess Fashion:

As Beth is a famous chess player and she frequently appears in Chess Tournaments, we have chess inspiration in variety of apparels. Focus on her Checkered Coat. This was so amazingly matched with ruffled handbag. Her color blocking technique is also attention-grabbing. Remember the scene in which she wears black gloves with a black top. The H&M Kuwait promo code is present for such impressive matching. Achieve the simplicity with style. This is the basic aim of copying Beth Harmon’s fashions from Queen’s Gambit. 

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