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Getting the Best Quality Installation of Sliding versus French Doors

Congratulations on the far you’ve come with your building project. Now, your property needs doors to complete the look. SO, which one is the best for your residential patio doors?  There are two common types of doors in the market, sliding and French doors.

The sliding doors vs french doors is a common preference question most homeowners have to answer. The two options differ in terms of style, cost, and quality. 

Sliding patio door

A sliding patio door is also known as a sliding glass door because of the glass centerpiece. It is also known as a gliding door because it is made to move over a rail installed at the bottom.

Sliding doors consist of two or more glass panels. Of the two, one is an operable panel that allows it to glide along a track at the bottom. Sliding doors are made of glass that allows plenty of natural light in the room. The larger the size of the glass door, the more the light that enters the room.

Some manufacturers can customize your design to allow for four panels with two operable panels. This option features the glide to open from the center.

Advantages of sliding doors

  1. They provide light- sliding doors allow plenty of light in a room. This adds to the home’s aesthetic value and creates a creative mood for the occupants. 
  2. They’re ideal for small spaces- Sliding doors do not need a lot of space. Therefore, it saves space in your apartment to create space for more items in the house. Install a pencil door if you’re too space-conscious; it’ll look smart and is more profitable.
  3. They are versatile- Sliding glass doors can be used as partitions. When used as a boundary between rooms, one should order two or more panel leaves in a set. 

Disadvantages of sliding doors

  1. They are a security threat

Sliding doors are beautiful, multi-functional but come with a security flaw. And because glass is transparent, privacy is not guaranteed because passers-by can peep through the panels.

Sliding doors attract break-ins because burglars have the opportunity to peek inside without anybody noticing. Additionally, getting in the house is as easy as gliding the door along the track or breaking it.

  • Longevity

A gliding door can serve you as long as you don’t exert excess pressure on the panels. If you have young children, it is crucial to consider their safety. Once a crack develops on the glass panel, the entire door will need replacement. 

French doors

French doors are also known as patio or hinged doors. They consist of two doors made to open from the center. The pieces can open inwardly or outwardly.


  • They are light and easy to open and close. Since it hangs from the hinges, they swing to and fro like standard doors.


  1. The hinges must be lubricated frequently for longevity and reliable performance.
  2. They can cause injury when pilled by the wind or when pushed hard. The swinging movement can compromise the hinges.

Installing a sliding or French door depends on how your home operates, and your needs. If you need a modern, trendy option, a sliding door is ideal. If you’re more reserved and prefer the traditional, more secure option, the French door will serve you best.

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