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Cost of Shipping a Car to Its Destination

At least once in their lifetime, people need to work outside their hometown or state. Many of them choose to drive to the place, while some take train or flight. What about their daily transportation in the new city? That is where vehicle transporters come into existence.

These businesses ship your vehicle to your destination and then you don’t need to use public transports or car rentals for daily needs. Ship a Car, Inc. Inc is one of the best in the business. Use their services to transport four wheeler that you own to its destination.

Factors Affecting Price of Shipping a Vehicle

There can be various factors affecting the transportation of the vehicle.

They are as follows:

  • Type of hauler/truck
  • Time in hand
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Route

Method of Delivery

There are two ways these companies can deliver. The lesser expensive way is the type where the company picks up the cargo (in this case a vehicle) from a place according to them close to your location. Then they deliver it to the destination that can be close to your need. Like from one transport hub to another.

Another way, that costs you more is the one in which the company will pick up the vehicle from your place and deliver it to the exact location you need it to reach. This premium service increases the budget.

Other factors that could affect the deal

Other than the physical factors that require your attention, various factors might be useful while choosing a certain service like insurance. Many times, cargo is damaged due to unknown reasons. Knowing the coverage of insurance will make you more confident while transporting your vehicle. There is also a policy of refund if there is a delay in shipping of your cargo.

The Rates and The Distance in The States

The rates fluctuate due to different reasons depending on the size of the vehicle, routes, time of the year, and the market. When the fuel prices go up, the shipping charges also increase. But they also offer various kinds of discounts for military personnel, students, first-timers, frequent customers, and senior citizens too.

It also depends on the route and days taken by them. It takes them 10-14 days to ship any vehicle from West Coast to East Coast and costs you around $1000 to $1300. However, it will take 3-8 days from South to North and from Central America to either Coast for $700 to $1100. In layman’s terms, it will cost you a dollar per mile for 500 miles and 0.50-0.75 dollars a mile for 1000 plus miles.


Always prefer a reputable company to transport your car and only if you are okay with the cost. Do not choose a cheaply available service as it could be shady and cost you more than what the company mentions. Choosing a good company will ensure the safety of your vehicle. With the right timing and good discount, it will make it very affordable for you to transport your automobile.

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