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AR-10 rifle kits: The most practical and long-range rifle 

AR-10 rifle kits are such an essential kit known to have all the important tools and parts of this rifle. This model is known to be the perfect predecessor of the AR-15 model. But despite AR-15, this model has not still lost its significance and importance. It was, after all, the starting point of the AR platform. 


Eugene Stoner did the design of this rifle in the late 1950s. It was a lightweight infantry rifle that was able to fire 7.62x51mm NATO caliber. Due to its excellent firing capabilities, NATO is known to like this model of rifle very much. Moreover, it also had the feature of select-fire capabilities. 10,000 rifles were made initially, but it was not successful at that time. This is why Eugene Stoner eventually sold the patent of the AR platform to Colt company. 

Presently this model is extensively used for having a larger size. Due to its larger size, it can fire large centrefire rounds with relative ease. It can be said that the model AR-15 was born out of this model. This is why few parts and tools are known to be common in both of these rifle models. 


This rifle model is considered to be highly customizable in its upper receiver segment. On the other hand, it is regarded as very accurate, ergonomic, and accurate in its firing capabilities. Therefore, it will certainly be a good choice for you to choose this rifle model for having the best features. Not to mention, this model is considered to be extremely versatile as compared to other similar types of models available out there. Many people choose to go for this rifle model for reaping plenty of benefits and perks regarding the quality of ammunition. 

This model of rifle was designed for firing large rounds such as 6.5 or .308 Creedmoor. The firing of these types of larger caliber is considered effective and useful in longer distances like 900 yards or so. If you are looking forward to such a long-range rifle that will be apt for taking down various big games or animals, this one will certainly be a great option to go for. The .308 is extremely effective in offering greater range and more power in the best way possible. 


This model of the rifle is highly likely to be utiliford for different purposes as compared to similar other rifle models available out there. It can be perfectly used to hunt down literally anything in the North America from a long-range area. It just happens to be a heavier and bigger rifle along with the less magazine capacity as compared to the AR-15 model. 

In case you have been looking for a practical rifle that can be used in different ways, then this rifle will be the one you need. You surely have 2 options in this case. You can either decide to purchase an existing model, or you can proceed to build one. 

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