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6 Most Popular Child & Family Attractions in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists to spend their vacation time. Yogyakarta is indeed one of the tourism cities that has various types of tourist destinations. All tourist attractions in Yogyakarta embrace all groups, from children to the elderly. There are so many tourist attractions that will never run out for you to explore. If you plan to come to Yogyakarta with your children or nephews, you can add some tourist attractions below to your itinerary list.

  • Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar is one of the educational tourist destinations that is certainly very suitable for your little one and the family. Here you and your children can play and learn at the same time because all the rides here are full of knowledge. Taman Pintar location is very strategic because it is close to the Malioboro area. So you will easily find this one tourist spot.

Taman Pintar offers several rides, further divided into several zones, such as the Oval Building, which contains the Ancient Life Zone, Solar System Zone, Weather Zone, Climate & Earthquake, Freshwater Aquarium, and many more. So make sure you come here and feel the excitement of playing while learning on the available rides.

  • Jogja Bay Waterpark

Unexpectedly, in Yogyakarta there is a waterpark that is said to be the largest waterpark in Southeast Asia. Located in the northern part of Yogyakarta, Jogjabay Waterpark is a must visit with your family. This water play spot carries the concept of an old pirate village with Tropical Lust nuances filled with many green plants. In addition, this Jogja Bay waterpark also has nine exciting rides that you can play.

Here there is the Harbor Theater which is a large stage for musical performances. You can watch this art performance if you come on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. In addition, this Jogja Bay waterpark also provides many interesting promos. You can directly order tickets online through the Jogja Bay website.

  • HeHa Sky View

Heha Sky View has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta since it was inaugurated in September 2019. This place is a restaurant consisting of 3 floors which are equipped with several photo spots that are very instagramable. This place can also be one of the choices for you and your family to refresh for a moment from the daily grind.

  • Monggo Chocolate Museum & Factory

Chocolate is one of my favorite snacks that taste good. In Yogyakarta, there is a Museum & Monggo Chocolate Factory. Here you can learn and find out the ins and outs of chocolate from the start of the cocoa bean to finally becoming a chocolate bar. This place is ideal to visit with a group or family.

Here, you have the opportunity to try the Chocolate Making Experience, which is recommended for children. Besides that, you can also enjoy the Chocolate Tasting Experience, which is tasting authentic chocolate drinks with different cocoa percentages for adults.

  • The World Landmarks Merapi Park

There is already a recreation park in Yogyakarta, The World Landmark Merapi. This park presents replicas or miniatures of landmarks from various countries, ranging from the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Windmills, Tower of Pisa, etc.

Besides taking pictures in replicas of world famous landmark buildings, you can also try other rides such as Cowboy town, Cats House, and Rabbits Town. If you are hungry and thirsty, you can visit several cafes and restaurants. So make sure you and your family come here.

  • Kids Fun Yogyakarta

The next tourist destination that you can choose to spend time with your family in Yogyakarta is Kids Fun. As the name suggests, this place also offers various rides for children, both land games and water games. However, some of these rides can also be played by adults.

Kids Fun also features several shows that you can watch, such as musical dramas, Pirates Operetta, Dino Show, etc. Don’t forget to take advantage of the promos offered, you can check directly on the Kids Fun website.

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