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HEYNER® is the leading German premium brand for car accessories in Central- and Eastern Europe. All articles guarantee excellent quality and design for universal usage on literally all kinds of vehicles: cars, SUV, vans, commercial cars, trucks und buses.



For the perfect view through the windscreen the company HEYNER® presents its new highly-developed assortment of rear wiper blades. They are appropriate for all vehicles with wiper arm constructions for flat blade wipers. The permanently streak free wiping performance of the rubber is also...
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The HEYNER® MobileConverter PRO voltage transformer is ideal for the use of 12V devices at home. Through the conversion from 230V to 12V compressors, vacuum cleaners and cool boxes with 12V can be used. With its 180W the powerful converter is secured by an automatic switch-off in case...
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Especially during the cold seasons with temperatures far below the freezing point it is essential to avoid that the cooling water freezes and to have enough antifreeze in the cooling water. In general, frost protection is only necessary below 25 degrees Celsius but frozen cooling water can cause...
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